The Frozen Yogurt Experience


It`s colourful, sweet, delicious and a huge hype – Frozen Yogurt or FroYo!

I had my first ever Frozen Yogurt today. At home in Budapest it is not sold but today I walked past a shop in Barcelona called “Llaollao”. I did a little happy dance right there in the street before heading in to check out the options. The variety was not huge but I satisfied my desire with a medium sized cup of natural frozen yogurt, pineapple, mango and last but not least crumbled Oreo cookies. Those were my favourite part actually. Now I only just need to find out how to stock up on this frozen goodness and export it in bags, boxes or cups to Budapest. In all seriousness, it was delicious. I thought it would be softer, more like a soft ice but the taste and consistency was perfect. 


7 thoughts on “The Frozen Yogurt Experience

  1. I am a huuuge fan of fro-yo’s!!!! I just don’t know how caloric they actually are, so I’ve been avoiding them lately. I love to mix them with liquid chocolate (the kind that solidifies with the ice cream) and strawberries, yum!

    • I love that kind of chocolate!! I *think* they have few calories but I`m not sure and of course the topics are usually what will bring up the number, I guess.

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