London 2012: Olympic Moments

There were so many highlights and overall the 2012 London Olympics were absolutely amazing. I was seated on my Couch for the greatest amount of time over the last few days, trying to see as many different sports as possible.

It`s so hard to say which ones were my favourites, I loved all the running and triathlon events, the swimming, biking, rowing but also the gymnastics, fencing or tennis.


I could post hundreds of shots of things I liked but I thought I`d choose just a few from the London 2012 website to share. Head over there to see even more shots and read up on everything! I can`t wait for the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio!

Of course Ussain Bolt, entering History with his gold medals in the 100 and 200 Meter events in China and the UK.

Or together with his team of Jamaican runners – setting a new world record in the 4×100 Meters distance.

The Men`s and of course the Women`s marathon. Maybe two of the most inspirational events, being a long distance runner.

Synchronized swimming? I had no idea it was so fascinating.

As were the performances by the rhythmic gymnasts!


Please let me know, which events fascinated you most, tied you to your television or inspired you?





2 thoughts on “London 2012: Olympic Moments

  1. Diving, swimming, Synchronized swimming and Usain Bolt ;). I didn’t have the time to watch as many disciplines as I would have liked but I enjoyed the ones I got to watch. It’s so sad it all happened so fast! I’ll miss having breakfast while watching the Olympics 😦

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