Excuses Don`t Count!

Remember yesterday? When life got into my way of running? Yeah. So do I.

This morning I set my alarm an hour early and went out for a run. It was the best I could do. My legs felt a little heavy but I quickly warmed up and then felt fast. I need to stop making excuses. Not having the time is my fault, too. What I need to do is make time to be healthy.

Why do I run?

I run to be healthy. To get faster and feel strong. I run to spend time on my own and to tune out of the life I spend studying, sitting in front of my desk or even my laptop. I run to think and if I get the chance I run to spend time with great friends.

Yes, it`s hard to make the time and get out there but after you do it you feel so much better. For tomorrow, my alarm is set again. I will be up bright and early. This is always best for me, because I prefer getting things done early and feeling like I accomplished something already. This is a true motivation.

Now I only just need a great friend like one of these inspiring ladys – Kara Goucher or Shalane Flanagan. One who will be there during training, in the races and afterwards. Someone I can rely on. (via)


Edit to clarify:

Yesterday factors that I couldn`t influence (namely my classes and appointments) got into my way. If I had known that before (in the morning) I would have gotten in that planned workout. But since you never know what happens I could not. Then in general it was a bit of a messy day – very stressy. So now I decided to be on the safe side and run before classes and don`t risk missing those runs. This makes me happy because before I rather took the time to sleep in a little longer. But breaking a sweat is actually much more satisfactory. So that`s what I want to do tomorrow again. It really makes for a generally more effective day for me.


6 thoughts on “Excuses Don`t Count!

  1. Just read that after putting my comment up on your last post lol
    When you said you really could not run I thought you really could not 🙂
    Sometimes it’s about pushing and finding time, sometimes it’s about making compromise and having to take a break

    • No problem, I didn`t clarify more. I could not get the run in yesterday because I thought I would run in the afternoon and then I missed due to classes and because I had an appointment afterwards and I hate that kind of stuff. But now that I make sure I go out before classes I can make it happen. That`s what I meant so you were right about both comments!

      • And thank you for pointing this out. I just updated the post because I left to much background away. 🙂
        One of my biggest pet-peeves is when people are late so it all kind of ruined my day yesterday.

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