Life Happens

What do you do when life just happens? Or when you are forced to shuffle your plans around?

That`s exactly what my last two days looked like. I had two runs planned but I could not get them in. I`m not going to start with excuses but I do hate having to miss a workout. “The only workouts you regret are the ones you didn`t do” is a saying you may come across quite frequently. And it`s so true! I know that I could not have changed the last two days, there was no way I could have gotten anything additional in but still I dislike the general situation.

This is a bit of a rant and I know that it is perfectly acceptable to switch some days around in your workout schedule or to miss a workout once. The hardest things are to manage your travels and the changes in your every-day life. When for example getting around takes a lot longer or when you have to go out for lunch even though you would prefer a quick bite at home.

I`m getting to the point where I miss the routines I have at home. I miss studying because as soon as I have my schedule I can make a plan and plan my workouts. I know I won`t miss them as often and will be happier in general.

I want to know, what do you do when life just happens?


3 thoughts on “Life Happens

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  2. Sometimes I guess you just have to accept life gets in the way. Plus deloading and recuperating are important too so think of it that way rather than as a lost chance.
    Plus you’ll be back on schedule in no time 🙂

    • Very true, thank you! I love the whole traveling and everything but at home I can work on my routine and no other factors like teachers who are late and make me miss the time I would need to “quickly jump on the treadmill” or something like that and other things like that just really annoy me. Not the most positive day today. I made up for it with a run though and felt my mood improve.

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