Barceloneta Long Run, Season Goals & Paris

Yesterday I completed my first long run in Barcelona. I decided to head down to the “Barceloneta” beach. First I went right to see the famous W Hotel and then left.

Since I went running in the afternoon it was quite hot outside and the sun was shining. There is generally little shade but I decided to stay at the beach for as long as I could manage. I packed water and there were fountains on the way which was perfect. I saw many other runners, some skaters and bikers. What I liked most was being able to people-watch – something I don`t get to do very much on my trails at home.

My pace was pretty slow but I wanted to run easy the whole time and of course the heat was a slowing factor. In the end I did have to cut my run short because I wasn`t feeling very well. Maybe the heat was getting at me. But I thought it would be safer to return home. I ended with a 6.75 mile run at a high 12-minute pace instead of a 9 mile run. Not so positive but at least I try to get my runs in.

I do think that for the next season I want to do more base building but also cross training and additional stretching and strengthening exercises. My big goal for this year is to ultimately get faster but also feel more comfortable around the ten mile distance for my long runs.

Since I didn`t take any pictures during my run I`ll leave you with one from Paris. Some typical architecture which I really liked!


4 thoughts on “Barceloneta Long Run, Season Goals & Paris

    • Thanks, I really like it so far. The hotel I am staying at is not in the nicest area and some parts are really smelly (could also be due to heat?) but in general I think it`s a very nice city. The architecture is nice and there are quite a lot of parks and trees in general. Since it`s August the city is pretty empty but I think it can get quite chaotic at other times. In general I`d say after two three days that it is a city worth to visit!

    • Oh that really sucks! It happened to me once in Vienna on a two day trip and was such a pain! Thanks for the tip!
      So far I am loving it, too! The only thing that is turning me of a little is the bad smell in some of the streets. Could have to do with the heat and lack of rain, though..

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