Single Digit Pace

Hello from Barcelona! This is where I am staying for the next two weeks to take a language course and of course discover the city running but also with my camera. If you have any suggestions on places or things I should not miss, please share them with me!

My goal is to feel more comfortable in the single digit pace. I already went from around 13 minutes to somewhere between ten and eleven but anything sub ten still often feels hard. My attempt today happened on the treadmill. The goal was to run four miles.

After two great runs, one of which started off really fast and and the other a speed-work session today was no fun. I did finish with 9.55 but it was quite a bit of work. Again this was a treadmill run which I dislike but it was the easiest now that we arrived in the Hotel. Anyways, I think of treadmill runs as mental training now which makes me appreciate them more.

I also strongly believe that after every hard run there will be something that feel easy or at least comparably easy to what it felt like before and I am really looking forward to that. After arriving we bought some groceries today and I saw some great parks and of course the beach that I can`t wait to run at. That should be so much more fun!

Tomorrow, finally, is the day of the olympics marathon. I don`t know if I will actually have time to watch it but I am crossing my fingers for all the incredibly amazing and inspiring runners for them to have a wonderful race and fulfil their dreams and goals. My girl-crush Kara Goucher is of course on the very top of my list. Who is your favourite athlete? Anyone you enjoy watching most?


6 thoughts on “Single Digit Pace

    • Yes, I have been studying for quite a while now but since I moved and changed schools and all that I never had the chance to finish a class of my level. So now I`m studying the upper intermediate level but especially the past tenses are a real pain for me.
      I will see the Sagrada Familia on Saturday and am so excited! Thank you!

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