Travel Impressions: Eiffel Tower


Hello from Nîmes (I`m on the road again).


 When you think of Paris, you think of the Eiffel tower. It`s one of my favorite sights to visit as it has a magical atmosphere. I overheard some people saying they would never get enough of staring up at the tower and they are so right!
I´ll start of with a black and white picture and one of the view.


We decided to walk the tower. You walk up to the second floor and then you have the chance to take an elevator up to the third floor. It is absolutely worth it and you won`t have to wait in line for hours if you were not able to make reservations for the elevator. Besides, it`s really not a hard climb – I wore flip flops and a maxi dress and it was absolutely fine. You get to take in the view much more, too.


 More running related posts are following from tomorrow when I reach my goal destination for the next two weeks. More about that then! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend!


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