Drills & Speedwork

Drills and Speedwork are two things I want to incorporate into my weekly running routine because I think they can improve both my form and fitness as well as add a new challenge. I haven`t yet found a track that is open to the public around where I live but I have measured a pretty exact distance on the roads.

My plan for today was a ten minute warm-up jog, drills and then 8 x 400m at 5K-Pace.

The times for the 400 meter repetitions were:

2.09 – 2.05 – 2.04 – 2.03 – 2.05 – 2.05 – 2.05 – 2.04

I like those splits, besides that first one they are even and they show me once again that I am in great shape. This week – after yesterday`s amazing run – is a really grate one! I could not be happier.

And while I was typing this a Hungarian swam 200 meter world record in breast stroke! Living in Hungary right now I support them of course. From tomorrow on I will be abroad again but I`ll keep you updated of course!


Which olympics event are you most excited about?

– For me it`s definitely the Marathon, I can`t wait to see Kara Goucher represent the US women!

Anything you found really exciting so far?

– Germany winning gold in rowing men`s eight. Maybe also the fencing debacle involving Korea and Germany – the longest “Olympic second”.


3 thoughts on “Drills & Speedwork

  1. Why are you currently living in Hungary? Exciting!
    I personally love to watch swimming (and the gorgeous swimmers), and any discipline in which Mexico participates 😉

    • My mother works for the german foreign ministry and the latest position she got is in Hungary. Now I decided to stay and study here because I think Budapest is a beautiful city. Have you been to Hungary?

      I`m watching the swimming right now!

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