Travel Impressions: Versailles

On our way from Reims to Paris we stopped by in Versailles. Since it was a Monday, the buildings were all closed but we took a walk around parts of the garden. It was absolutely impressive! I liked the front side of the building most and was blown away by just how big everything was. The sky was incredibly blue while we were there and the gold really stood out. Here are some of my favorite snaps!


6 thoughts on “Travel Impressions: Versailles

  1. These are beautiful pictures! They remind me of the amazing time I had when I went to France in high school. It’s been almost 6 years since then and I would LOVE to go back! I feel like I would have a much greater appreciation for it now.

    Also, Versailles is absolutely incredible. It’s like nothing you could even imagine until you go. I remember walking through the rooms and being absolutely stunned by how elaborate every was. The gold and the expensive decorations literally took my breath away!

    • Thank you, Jackie! I know exactly what you are talking about, I tried to take in as much as possible on this trip. Versailles was one of the places that really just blew me away. I knew it was supposed to be huge but I could not quite imagine just how impressive everything would be.
      And the little city of Versailles is really sweet as well.
      If you get the chance I think France is definitely a “place” to go back to. It`s so versatile and beautiful!

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