How to Survive Your Long Run on the Treadmill

Running on the treadmill is something I rarely do because I get really bored. Three miles and I will want to die. I`m sure there are many others who would agree with this!

Last Sunday I was stuck with an area I didn`t know and a 12-Miler on the plan. I was not going to go for a two-plus hour run in the early evening in a city, area and country I didn`t know so I went for the hotel gym.


Equipped with some gels, three water bottles, my cellphone with a new playlist, headphones, fast-food dinner and drink plans and an iPad I was ready to go. We stayed at a nice hotel but the gym was a pain. A tiny room, overheated, a mirror, two treadmills, some free weights, two or three other machines.

I started at a slow pace, on the treadmill everything seems a lot faster to me. This was also the reason why I hit an average pace in the upper 12 minutes instead of the high 11 or low 12 minutes that I had planned or usually run my long runs at.

I turned on season three of Friends, the season I was currently watching and started off. I had my friend come downstairs and check on me at about an hour in. Of course the TV in the gym area would not work and the internet was not accessible. It really helped me to have something to look forward to. In my case: fast food. Not that I eat fast food a lot but I just had a huge craving that needed to be satisfied ASAP.

A few episodes of friends, three gels, 1.5 liters of water and two stretch breaks later I was done. I managed to get over the time quite well but I was the happiest person ever when I stepped of that moving band and proceeded to stretching, a shower, Pizza Hut and a beer.

I`m not a beer fan but I had to at least try one in Belgium. I actually ended up liking this Leffe Royale.



4 thoughts on “How to Survive Your Long Run on the Treadmill

  1. great post. treadmills can be awful but if you’re ordering pizza at the end, there’s really no way you can be sad. i’m happier knowing that someone in the world just ran a lot and then ate something really really rewarding after. you deserve it!

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