Running in Paris

First of all, excuse the iPhone snapshots, I can not import my camera pictures until I am back home and I took most of these while running. 


Starting off at the “Metropolitain” (Metro Station) just behind the Louvre.

Before heading out to town for today`s five mile run I googled running routes in Paris and around the Seine. This was the one I found to be appropriate. I started by the Louvre and circled the Tuileries garden.

Yeah, those are the famous pyramids! I`m sure I must be in at least ten tourist-photos.

By the Ferries wheel behind the Tuileries garden.

I ran around  Île de la Cité and enjoyed a good view over the Parisian Notre Dame.


Waiting at the traffic light. Notre Dame in the background.

Then, I circled the Île Saint-Louis and made my way back towards the Louvre. All in all it was a scenic route but not only due to many traffic lights but also people and groups of tourists blocking the sideways. I had to run on the street for quite some time. That was fine whenever there was a bicycle lane but other times it seemed quite dangerous.


I found the Rose Line!

For my next run, I`d rather join the Parisian runners along the Seine or in the gardens, not in the regular traffic. Because I did not stop my watch at the traffic lights I`m not sure about my time but I do know that my pace must have been in the very low 10 minutes, at times probably even below that. It surprised me because with all the traveling I did not run as regularly the past few days. Instead I walked roughly 25 kilometers in Paris alone and that must have been the reason for the comparatively fast pace.

Going back to the hotel in the Metro.


6 thoughts on “Running in Paris

    • Yes it really was beautiful. We are in fact lucky with the weather as it finally got sunny in the last two days.
      I want to come visit London, it’s my plan for next year, already.

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