Running in Metz

As you might know I am currently in Metz, France. Of course there will be a post with pictures but for now let me show you how beautiful the route was I ran three miles along, today.

Metz is one really pretty city with beautiful architecture and great food. I probably ate a few thousand calories worth of pastries today. The most interesting part in my opinion was the Saint Etienne Cathedral with its impressive colored glass windows, some of which were painted my Marc Chagall.

Starting off opposite these boats.

The trail goes right along the water and is nice and shady. Many runners are here and also bikers, walkers, fewer tourists.

Swans, swans, swans – that`s why it`s called “Swan Lake”

Can you sport the Cathedral in the distance? Quite impressive.

During my run I went along the river, crossed two bridges, ran through a park and watched dogs play and children running around and eating ice cream. Sadly the weather got really bad afterwords which is why we decided to leave the beautiful camping space on one of the islands and sleep in a hotel instead. All the equipment is soaked!


5 thoughts on “Running in Metz

  1. yay so exited you are in Metz! Hope you enjoy the fireworks tonight and the weether gets better for you 🙂
    The cathedral is amazing, did you go inside? What about le centre pompidou? I’m so jealous right now of all the food you ate 😉

    • Yes, I am! Checking out Centre Pompidou tomorrow and the inside of the cathedral was beautiful!! Probably one of my favorite church interiors I have seen.
      I’ll post more pictures once I’m home and have my laptop again.
      It’s soo nice here, really!!

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