One Active Year – My Workout History

I hinted at it before but up until about one year ago I was really not into sports at all. I thought I`d share what happened in my life before July 2012.

Kindergarten (1997-1999)

Back when we lived in the United States I took ballet lessons. It was my hobby and I was really into it. I don`t remember for how long I took lessons but I remember that I wanted to continue after our move to Hungary and then for some reason never did.

Oh yes, that`s me. Don`t judge me by the haircut, these were the 90`s!

At this time I also learned how to swim. It was dramatic, or so my parents told me. I went to a course and told my teacher that no, I would not swim. I must have been very bullheaded because I made the poor teacher cry. The good news? Her tears made me try out the whole big swimming deal. A while later I was the first to swim a whole lane!

On our very last day living on the east coast I jumped off the one meter diving board. A huge success!

During this time I also learned how to ski. Something I still enjoy doing.

Elementary School (1999-2003)

Having moved to Hungary my dad wanted to teach me how to ride a bike. I was already five years old so it was about time I`d learn. I still remember when he let go of the bike and I called back: “you are still holding on daddy, right?”.

I had my first PE classes and the teacher hated me. I`m not just making it up, she can`t stand me to this day. We had a sports day every year and it was always the hottest day of the year. I was never very athletic, not really strong and the shortest girl in the class. I was also about a year younger than all of the others.

I also vaguely remember half a year of Judo. I quit during the examinations because I didn`t like it.

No, photography skills do not run in my family but maybe a donkey riding history?

Middle School (2003-2005)

Since we have a summer house at Lake Balaton I dreamed about taking Windsurfing lessons there. The night before I first tried it I was really nervous. Then, ten hours later I didn`t fall anymore. Everything was perfect and I had fallen in love with the sport.

Secondary School (2005-2009)

I wanted to keep up the windsurfing so I got a board. I had no idea so of course the one I bought – a used model – had such little volume that I could not surf it as a beginner. As a consequence I only went surfing in the summers, always starting more or less from scratch. A little later we sold that surf board and bought a huge one that I still have complete with the sail and everything.

At this school we a variety of options for sports. I was good at gymnastics but couldn`t do a handstand. I was not a good swimmer (my freestyle is a joke) and I really don`t like ball sports besides badminton. I also broke my nose playing Volleyball.

High School (2009-2011)

We had moved back from the US to Hungary again and of course the teacher I had in Elementary school was still there. She told us that Volleyball was the only sports that girls could do indoors and I hated it. My grades were no good. In the last semester though we got a new teacher and everything changed.

We had to run, we danced, we lifted some easy weights and it was a very positive and open atmosphere. I took some Zumba classes at the gym. I also started running more and more regularly. Not far, but at least consistently.

University (2011- Today -2015)

I started studying and decided to compete in my first Half Marathon. It didn`t work as expected but I was hooked. This was in September, roughly one year ago. After that half I let the running drop a little. Then in December I took it back up, dropped it again, …

I changed my life in this time, quit eating meat and reduced the amount of sodas to practically zero. I never had any weight issues but with this whole new lifestyle I could watch my body transform and get toned.

It was not until maybe March or April that I started running more regularly. On one of my first runs I met another running friend and then I was really hooked. I also participated in a few group classes and tried out new things – Spinning, Bouldering, Yoga. I stuck with the Spinning, too. Then came the K&H Half Marathon Relay. Of course there were and are injuries and so much to learn but with my blog and the Juneathon challenge last month my whole life changed. Now I have a pass to my local swimming pool, I participate in the #PlankADay challenge, I try to complete 100 Push Ups and I reached a solid base of 20 miles a week. I know that I want to reach more goals in the future but this is it for my personal workout history. Thank you for letting me share!

Warm Up before the K&H Half Marathon Relay


8 thoughts on “One Active Year – My Workout History

  1. Thanks for sharing. I still wear clothes that are older than you. I think that means 2 things…I need new clothes and you are a young pup. I need to look up plank a day challenge. I just started the 100 push up challenge (with my 10 year old boy…I am excited about this). I have no idea how many miles I run a week but now I am logging them on my phone so I should be able to figure it out.

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