Running Double Digits

Today I ran 10 miles. My first double digits run since last September and a big step for me. It`s the first time I knew I actually ran this long and it was a surprisingly great run. Another new thing was that I hit and beat the 20 miles per week mark. I ran roughly 22 miles in the past seven days.

I attempted my planned ten miler yesterday already but I had only started at 11 am and found it too hot, even up on the trails. I started the run, ran a two mile route out and then turned back. When I reached my car I was not sure if I should keep running or rather stop. I then decided to call it quits for the day and try it at a more reasonable time today.

I started off today with a two mile out and back. After around a mile I had the feeling that I should stretch out my left calf a little more so I stopped for a while. Another runner stopped and asked me if I needed any help or if, perhaps, I was suffering from the heat (“only” 25 degrees celsius). I told her I was fine and continued my run. I always run back to the car because I do not need to bring my water bottle or any gels this way.

On my way to go running – this street is usually packed but not on a sunday in summer.

After two miles I stretched a little more and took a raspberry gel. This particular taste is really just disgusting but it`s from the only box of “trial gels” that I haven`t used up so far. Since I can handle it fine, I just took it anyways. Then I continued the longer out and back route that I had already run on Saturday. I felt good, my legs felt great in fact and it was not a very tough run to this point. I counted down the miles thinking 3/10 done, 4/10 done… And then I reached halfway point. I still felt good and there was a little breeze that cooled me down a little. I also met a guy in a “running sucks” shirt which made me smile.

After six miles I got back to the car, took another gel and drank some more water and returned to the trail. At first I had debated running a short distance twice but I motivate myself easier if I know that I have to do it once only and then it will be over. So off I went again. At mile seven my legs started feeling a little heavier but I was still in a surprisingly great mood. At mile eight I was happy to be able to turn back. Now it was only a matter of finishing and I knew I would not let myself stop on those final two miles.

The gorgeous sky today.

I kept myself busy by calculating – something I tend to do on my runs – how often I would need to run to a specific point on the route in order to reach the goal or how many kilometers I had left. I like to run in miles simply because the number sounds less frightening, not because I actually think in miles. At mile nine I met two ladies that both gave me a huge smile – that was all it took me to run that last mile. I didn`t particularly like it and I was doubting why anyone would want to run this far but since I felt good until the last step I`ll take it this way!

In conclusion, I`d say I had a happy run and because I`m incredibly obsessed with the numbers I absolutely love the fact that I reached double digits. My time for this run was 1.58. Not very fast but I promised myself to keep slow and easy. You don`t want to jinx a good streak.


Total Weekly mileage: 22 miles (4.19)


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