Everyday and Running Brights

I love brights, not only in fashion and as a mood booster but also during my runs and workouts. It`s relatively easy to find bright shirts or tanks that are sweat wicking but it seems harder to find a colorful sports bra especially if it is supposed to be high intensity.

I found Sweaty Betty to have a great selection of colors from shades of pink to blues and greens.

Left: Deborah Marquit Lace Bra [€193.57]; Right: Sweaty Betty All Sports [£28.00]

But for me it doesn`t stop there, I also enjoy a good pop of color for my normal non-workout related clothes. The base to feel pretty is in my opinion gorgeous lingerie. I know that the bra pictured above is pricey but it will serve the purpose (and it must be comfortable, too). If it makes you happy, splurge on something fun and I`m sure it will make your day!

Do you like to wear “something bright” underneath? Or if you are confident, do you love a great fun-colored sports bra? Any great resources for colorful sportswear?

Updated to add: 

I just followed @Dashinista`s @twentyfourhours` and @Tinyholder`s twitter conversation and noticed something very true. I know I posted two pink products above but I was really looking for something “new”. The thing is, there is no such thing. Pink has been associated with women and these bright pinks are for most brands the furthest they will go. How often do you find an awesome blue? Think hard!


10 thoughts on “Everyday and Running Brights

  1. I love bright sports clothes and wearing color in general… And I agree with the all pink craze.. It’s kind of annoying that choices are so limited for women!
    I keep hearing of sweaty Betty from other Europeans. Not sure it is around in North America..

    • I don’t know about that either, sorry 😦
      I didn’t even think about the all pink everywhere but then I read the girls’ conversation and it hit me.
      But I still like these two pieces.

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