Watermelon Period & Happy 4. of July!

First of all Happy Fourth of July to my readers in the US! I hope you are all having a great time and get to celebrate with friends and family! Enjoy the fireworks, too!

Now for the past few days..

Budapest, as large parts of the world has been having some insane heat waves. As I am typing this up past 7pm we have 35 degrees celsius. This morning at 7.30 it was already up at 28.5 – I call it the watermelon period because it`s all I can get down without suffering. It must be ice cold.

Sunday, July 1:

Long Run: 9 Miles, 1.40.30, Average Pace: 11.09 

#PlankADay: 1.10

On Sunday I went out for a long run. I got up bright and early to avoid the heat as good as possible. Well, I failed at that, I should have been up around four or five in order to have the slightest chance of fresh, cold air. I ran nine miles on the trails of Hármashatárhegy. I had put on a Compeed blister plaster on my left foot to avoid a blister on a spot that had been itching. The first five miles went perfectly okay, then I felt that foot a little. I was sweating badly but finished the last four miles happily.

Monday, July 2:


Besides my daily plank I took Monday off completely. I thought it`d be wiser not to run directly after this run. Especially considering I had not run nine miles since September last year.

Tuesday, July 3: 

Easy Run: 3.32 Miles, 34. 30, Average Pace: 10.22

100 Push Up Challenge: 21, 25, 21, 21, 32 = 120; 60 seconds break

#PlankADay: 1.00

 Tuesday was supposed to be an easy run day. Instead it was a hot mess. I drove up to the trail thinking that those three miles should feel like a joke after Sunday. Well, the bad news? I could not access the trail and didn`t want to stop roughly three miles below it. A utility pole had fallen straight across the street and the police closed the road to traffic. Instead I thought I`d just head to the island where we have a 5.35km long track that circles the island once.

As soon as I started running I thought I was just going to collapse so I headed to the next water fountain and drank. Then I stopped at the second fountain and at the third (that`s the three that are located directly along the route). Even without moving I was sweating but running? I kept telling myself: “Just, don`t stop as long as you can safely handle it”.

I saw a Nike photo shooting in full action. The model was wearing a neon yellow bra and a great pair of shorts. I`m kicking myself for not snapping a picture myself. I have really become a sucker for anything workout-related lately.

In the evening I completed my workout for the 100 Push Up Challenge. I had to complete five sets of a reasonable amount of push ups (between 21 and 25 (32)), but was supposed to take only 60 seconds of rest. Soon my arms and shoulders felt really heavy, every push up was really a true challenge.

Wednesday, July 4:

 Middle Distance Run: 5 Miles, 59.00, Average Pace: 11.48

#PlankADay: 1.00, 0.30 (left), 0.30 (right), 1.00

Today I really did not want to finish my run. After three miles on the trails I reached my car again and sat inside. I drank, I took a gel and I stretched. Only after that I continued the run. Today was really no fun. I`m debating taking a rest day tomorrow.

My afternoon I spent at the local community pool, relaxing in the shade and “swimming”  a few lanes. Honestly, it was more like sitting at the side, swimming to the middle, doing a few turns, lying on my back… that kind of stuff.

I also did a bit of planking. So far two times one minute planks, and 30 seconds on each side.

On my playlist lately

Finally, I`d like to share two songs that are on my playlist lately when I need a little pick me up during my runs. Not that everything has to be particularly happy, it`s more about the beat or the memories that are attached to each song. They are:

What are your top tunes on your playlist right now? And are you also suffering from heat?


4 thoughts on “Watermelon Period & Happy 4. of July!

    • I know what you mean. But even now that I have the time I just don’t want to get up at 6 and then have all day ahead of me with nothing to do. I’d much rather sleep in every once in a while.
      Sometimes I just go on a treadmill but anything around 4-5 miles plus on that thing are torture.
      I guess if you want it you just need to find the time. Or look for shadier routes like the trail I go to. I just hate that it takes me around 25 minutes by car to go there. Sometimes it doesn’t feel worth it. Well, enough of a rant, when it gets cooler we’ll all have the benefits!

      • I do love having the sun and the heat though 🙂
        I know the feeling though, driving out all the way to the trail might make it seems unworthy…
        When are oyu living fr your trip?

      • If only there was some oxygen in the air… well.
        I’m leaving next week Friday and will go to Metz on Saturday. I’m really excited!

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