This Was Juneathon! (Day 30)

#PlankADay: 3.32 (PB!)



  • Is a rest day, because tomorrow I want to run long and my glutes are so sore from yesterday!
  • I broke my record planking time with a new personal best of 3.32!

Awesome Things

  • I toned my abs, glutes, arms and shoulders!
  • I was injured, iced and started feeling better!
  • I worked out with friends!
  • I planked 24 times in 24 hours (and since haven`t planked for very long anymore)
  • I planked for over 3 minutes.
  • I completed 100 Push Ups in five sets on my way to 100 consecutive push ups
  • I loved sports, myself and I made awesome friends!

What Now?

  • I want to keep working out daily, even if that means all I get in will be a plank.
  • I loved posting about my daily workouts, but sometimes there is just not a lot to tell so I`m leaning towards regular more interesting posts and more of a mixture in general
  • I will not commit to a challenge for next month that has me working out every day because there are things that have higher priority (travels, friends, friends…)
  • There is still a lot I want to do!

New Goals for July! 

  • Learn how to do a handstand (such a tiny thing but I can not do it)
  • Learn how to swim freestyle
  • Run a Half Marathon (since I can`t find a race that fits into my schedule, I will have to do this on my own)
  • Plank more than three minutes again
  • Perform 100 consecutive push ups

The Final Roundup for June

  • Swimming: 2.10.00
  • Stretching & Strengthening: 2.25.00
  • Spinning: 4.15.00
  • #PlankADay:  1.15.52
  • Running: 43 miles
  • 100 Push Up Challenge: 501
  • Elliptical: 10 Minutes


10.15.52 of Workouts (minus Running/Push Ups),

501 Push Ups,

43 Miles of Running!


5 thoughts on “This Was Juneathon! (Day 30)

  1. Well done on completing Juneathon. I didn’t take part but I’ve enjoyed reading your posts and they’ve inspired me to have my own Julyathon! Good luck with your new challenges for July.

    • Thank you Becca, I`m glad you enjoyed because I had so much fun doing it all.
      I hope your Julyathon goes very well! Enjoy every step of it!

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