Juneathon Day 27 & 28: 100 Push Ups


#Plankaday: 1.00

4 Miles: Running (Slow)



100 Push Up Challenge: 20, 25, 15, 15, 25 = 100!

2 Miles: Running (Tempo)

#PlankADay: 1.00


I hit the 100 Push Ups for the first time, but the goal of the challenge is to do 100 consecutive ones. I had them in five sets with a 90 second break in between each. I feel like stage three out of two might be a little too much. Maybe I will have to downgrade. Possibly I might just re-do the week, if I feel like it. Nothing is pressuring me and that is great.

Yesterday I went on a run with my good friend. It was warm but bearable. We chatted away for four miles. I was going to run three today, but felt great with two tempo miles instead since I covered this weeks plan (minus the long run) so far.

I`m starting to think about what is going to happen in July and let me tell you, there will be change coming up in the next weeks or so. Big thing are happening, be sure to stay tuned!

Enjoy the last Juneathon Days, give it your all!


One thought on “Juneathon Day 27 & 28: 100 Push Ups

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