Juneathon Day 26: Resting, Stretching, Strengthening

100 Push Up Challenge: 14, 18, 14, 14, 20 = 80

#PlankADay: 1.30

30 Minutes: Stretching & Strengthening


Because Sunday and Monday were quite intense days I took today off. I tried to sleep in, but as I am a morning person I was up and awake shortly after 8 o`clock.

After breakfast I foam rolled and then took out my baby doggy (and my new white chucks) out for a walk. My afternoon I spent with a short plank, more stretching and strengthening of manly the calf area that is feeling better and better every day. I have not worn any flip flops or sandals in the last week and I am absolutely certain it has made a positive impact on my injury!

Then I made plans to go running with my friend tomorrow morning, again. This makes me a lot more excited about the 4 miles I wanted to cover, even though I have to get up extra early. But I have all afternoon to do nothing again. I also got some good news in, today: I passed all of my courses for the second semester.

Since I didn`t do the push up challenge yesterday, I had to get it done today. I had no idea yesterday`s Spinracing was so hard on the arms and shoulders until I got into the push up position. The first set of 14 felt hard. On a scale from 0 to 10 it was probably 7. The next 18 were no better, especially not considering I was only granted around 60 seconds of rest (I try to stick to the programs suggestions). Then came to more sets of 14, which were really hard but okay. For the final “at least 20” I wanted to quit and collapse after around 10. Reaching the 14 was hard, 18 almost unbearable and after pushing myself up with all my force, completing push up number 20 I basically collapsed on the floor.

But! There is a new record of 80 planks. Let me warn anyone who is doing this challenge too: jumping from column two to column three has you perform at least 20 extra push ups per workout! That is a lot!

Now I am heading off for an early night of sleep. I still need to catch up on some! Hope everyone had a great day!


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