Juneathon Day 24: On Feeling Awesome

6.19 Miles: Running (~1.13)

30 Push Ups

#PlankADay: 2.00


Painless run

Today I had my first painless run in a long while. I also had my first run above 4 miles in a few weeks. Finally, I had my first run in forever feeling absolutely awesome!

I ran on the trails. First I did a one mile out and back, followed up by roughly a two mile out and back though I am still thinking it was actually longer, but 6 miles is amazing, so I am perfectly happy with that. I kept it “nice and slow” but was also really happy with my average pace. I took a gel two miles into the run, as I returned to the car and felt like it gave me that extra boost of energy. I can`t really stand the taste but this stuff is working great.

I also absolutely fell in love with the singlet I bought yesterday. It`s not only really bright but you don`t feel sweaty at all and I do tend to sweat quite a bit (TMI!). As I got into my car to go back home, my favorite song started playing on the radio.

Weird fact but true: I am feeling a little soreness in my leg and am really happy about it. I haven`t felt sore forever, always rather injured. It makes me feel alive.

And another unusual thing: there was a girl running past me in Flip Flops on the trail! Can that possibly be any good?

Push up record

Since I finished the first two weeks of the 100 Push Up Challenge, I had to do a test today to determine my current level. I wanted badly to stop at 25, which would have put me into stage two out of the three options once again. As I was just about to kneel down, I thought: “no, Anna, you will continue this. Just a few more. You can reach the third category!” So I broke the 25 mark I set yesterday and made it to the 30!

Maybe with a lot of willpower I could have done 31 but to be honest, I could do a fifth of this two weeks ago, I am more than happy about the result.


2.00! My first two minute plank since the “day of hardcore planks“. I`m fine with that.

I hope your day was just as awesome as mine? Feel free to share!


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 24: On Feeling Awesome

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