Juneathon Day 23: One Week Ahead

#PlankADay: 1.30

100 Push Up Challenge: 12, 13, 10, 10, 22 = 67

Stretch & Strength for legs & core


Everyone who is participating in Juneathon, can you believe there is only one more week left? I have had such a good time I definitely want to continue working out more, become more regular and increase the amount of things I do, if I can.

What did I do today? Most of the day was actually not workout focused. I am enjoying the summer heat and the fact that we did not have 36 degrees celsius but only around 30 instead. I also picked up a few things for my trip to France (because you need an excuse, right?)

First I stopped by the Body Shop Company that finally opened a real store here in Budapest. I went a little crazy on shower gels and got a pile of testers. Then I picked up some white chucks because my old ones I through out ages ago, they were so dirty. I also got three easy reads for in between.
Finally, I went looking for a running singlet/tank because I don`t want to wear warm t-shirts but also don`t always want to run in a sports bra only, at some places I just don`t think it is that appropriate.

At home I did a bit of stretching and strengthening – lounges, my plank and finally the push up challenge. I know I did not take a rest day but I felt positive that I could do the workout today already and I still have to do the “two week test” tomorrow, more of that will follow in that post.

I improved my number of push ups again but today was a little harder than yesterday. The last set, where you basically do as many as possible got really hard, but that`s what it is all about. I ended the day with a dessert and a lemonade at a cafe.


Lastly a shout-out to Hélène who is racing a 10K tomorrow. Run fast, race hard, finish strong! I hope you have an amazing run! You will have a great race, believe in yourself and the training you went through! Have a great experience! And remember, hills come to an end, they won`t go on forever. Take it easy!


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