Juneathon Day 22: Garden Reception

#PlankADay: 1.50

1.6 miles: Running

100 Push Up Challenge: 10, 12, 9, 9, 20: 60


Today I had a relaxing day. My shoulders are finally recovering from the 24 planks I did two days ago. I wanted to go for a run but I felt that I`m still not quite ready to run on the hard pavement around the house so instead I focused on my push up challenge.

I beat my latest record by nine planks. It was 60 planks with a 90 second rest between each set. I took another few moments of a brake and then went on to do my plank – one minute 50 seconds.

This evening I attended a garden reception and dressed up in a maxi dress. Then I watched the soccer game: Germany vs. Greece.
 Black and white simple cotton maxi dress by Oysho, ballet flats.


9 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 22: Garden Reception

  1. I love your dress! I’m watching the Euro at lunch time here haha Can’t wait to watch France / Spain tomorrow though our chances aren’t very good..
    I’m thinking of starting a push-up challenge again too since my upper body isn’t as strong as I’d like it to be

    • I am surprised at how well this Push Up Challenge thing is going, I never thought I`d even come close to 15 push ups, let alone 20!
      I`m going to see the game, too. Yesterday`s was really intense, as you said.

      • Reading your post makes me ashamed of myself. I haven’t done much in terms of exercise. Nothing consistent either…… Okay, time to get on board once I’ve managed to get rid of this lousy cold of mine.

      • Don`t be ashamed, just start with something small – running (you barely need gear), a group class (spinning is intense, but fun!), Swimming? or just something tiny such as the #plankaday challenge where you plank once a day and then post it on Twitter?
        I`m crossing my fingers for you because I have been THE person in my surrounding that used to hate any kind of sports until it hit me one day.
        Also, hope you feel better soon! (I haven`t had a cold since the beginning of the year when I started running regularly and usually I have every 3 months!)

      • I already said this on Twitter but I`ll say it again: Congratulations and it`s awesome that you want to try the #plankaday and push up challenge!!

  2. Today, I’m 62, and I had to sit down a couple of times while walking around in the heat. Usually, I like to walk, and i did swim this morning. You motivate me a bit. How old are you?

    • I’m happy to hear that. It’s absolutely fine to take breaks, especially in the heat! Drink a lot of water and be careful, it’s the most important thing you can do. Always listen to your body.
      I am 18 years old.
      Thank you for the comment!

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