Juneathon Day 20: HardCore

#PlankADay: 1.30 + 1.30 + 1.30 + 1.30 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.00 + 1.10 + 1.15 + 1.30 + 1.30 = 27.25

4 miles: Running (~48.00)

20 minutes: Swimming


Today was a hardcore day. I started at midnight and got up again every hour to do a plank. In the morning I left for a run at the trail. With roughly 30 degrees at 7.30 am it was already hard. I set out nice and slow aiming at a 12 minute pace and clocked in just above that. I returned back and took my first ever running gel after two miles.

I had no problems with the gel at all, then I continued and felt great so with some negative splitting I actually averaged roughly a 12 minute pace. It was time for my next plank but since there was too much gravel I did a hand one (instead of a forearm plank).

Back at home it was already above 30 degrees. I packed a bag and left for the pool, not too much swimming, roughly 20 minutes maybe but rather hanging around. By this time my abs were sore, my shoulders hurt and I hated planks already.

After the swim I continued my planks at home. Actually I was supposed to do the 100 push up challenge but I just could not bring myself to start. Tomorrow I will, when my shoulders and arms are a little more relaxed. Instead I opted for a long muscle rolling session.

When the temperatures reached 36 degrees even a one minute plank felt like a huge accomplishment. I noticed early that I would never be able to keep up 90 second planks but did not allow myself to go below a minute. It is really incredible how slowly the seconds pass when you just want a single minute to end. I tried everything from breathing to surfing the web, watching YouTube videos. You name it.

I need to do a shout out to two wonderful women who really helped me get through this day of core workouts and planks. Thank you Dash and Hélène! Also, congratulations to all the amazing plankers out there, those doing a single plank and those aiming for higher numbers.

Finally, happy birthday #PlankADay, even if I am only a rather new member I had a blast and I promise that soon I will love my planks again. But before that I will enjoy my massage tomorrow. I earned it!


8 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 20: HardCore

  1. Well done you! What a day 🙂 Thanks for the shout out…
    You really inspired me to start taking #plankaday seriously and commit to actually doing it 🙂
    So thank you and enjoy your well deserved massage

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