Juneathon Day 18: Spinracing, an Upper Body Workout

#PlankADay: 1.30

100 Push Up Challenge: 9, 11, 8, 8, 15 = 51

60 minutes: Spinracing


I blogged about Spinracing a while ago. It`s basically a spinning class that incorporates a lot of upper body work/strength. Often in the form of a push up like movement. I had a wonderful teacher today – my new favorite! – the music was great and not too loud, the atmosphere was fun and the exercises challenging.

We worked in the three hand positions (hands in the middle, hands on the outside, hands on the upper top) which she called 1., 2. and 3. From there on we had to either bend forward just like in jumps and then bend up again or just lean very far forward for a whole while. Sometimes we had to keep the upper body completely stiff while performing high intensity turnovers with the legs only.

After the spinning part of the class the instructor added a section of ab work: crunches, crunches, crunch variations, crunches, crunches … let`s just say my abs felt sore! Then we performed the stretches.

Because I knew that I would not have any power left in my arms after todays class I did my 100 Push Up Challenge workout before. I performed a set of nine, eleven and two times eight as well as the “as many as possible” set of 15 adding up to 51 push ups – my highest number so far. I had “only” 60 seconds of rest. It`s what you get on every first workout of the week while workout two has 90 and workout three 120 seconds. Then I followed up with some walking lounges.

I did just cram in a form #plankaday (we had some planks in the spinning cool down, too) before I typed up this post.

What`s your favorite type of Spinning? Any “special” classes? And what makes a teacher good in your opinion? Loud music or not?

For me I like teachers that do some form work, music should not be too loud and not only house or techno. I enjoy Spinracing a lot.


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