Juneathon Day 17: Hot Tub

#PlankADay: 1.30 (form)

Various stretches & strength


It`s already Sunday and I was actually relatively busy today. But I had some fun, too. I went to the pool on the island and enjoyed some time lying around in around 35 degrees, reading a book (being sunburned – in the shade with spf!). The pool was packed from the beginning on but I love sitting in the “hot tub” as I call them – thermal water (the rotten-eggs/smelly type) and doing nothing or swimming in slightly cooler water. There is a lot to you can do in the “Palatinus” on Budapest`s Margaret Island – definitely a place to go to if you visit the city in the summer months and want to spend some hours relaxing.

At home I did a whole bunch of strengthening exercises as well as rolling out my muscles. I`m getting the feeling that my calf pain actually comes from my imbalanced legs and my feet so that`s what I have been working on. Doing single leg exercises, for example. I also did a bunch of lunges, calf raises, toe lifts, toe and heel walking, etc.

Last but not least and before getting ready for a good night of sleep I managed to squeeze in my form plank. 1.30 – as always. I used to do this in the mornings when I first started out but do them whenever I find time, now.

On June 20 #PlankADay is celebrating its birthday. Participants try to plank “around the clock” – 24 times in 24 hours. I will try and participate in this challenge. What about you? Use the hashtag on twitter and start planking!


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 17: Hot Tub

  1. Calf pain is quite painful. I do take pain killers when i get some severe calf-pain. A light stretching exercise can also help relieve the pain. ;”`,”


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