Juneathon Day 15: Instructor Pet Peeve

#plankaday: 1.30

Spinning: 1.15.00


I was a bit “lazy” today in terms of not wanting to drive all the way to my regular gym. I also couldn`t take the special classes that were closer because you had to sign up days in advance for those. Instead, I tried out a Spinning class at a small gym I don`t like very much. I don`t like it because the gym is completely window less. You either see the mirror or the wall when you work out. Actually, when you look into the mirror you will see the wall, too. The whole gym is really long and narrow.

Anyways, I thought I`d try out the class. I was there 20 minutes before the beginning and sat around on my own. I`m used to fuller classes, actually. When it was 6.30 – time to begin, neither the instructor had shown up nor any other potential students. I can`t stand people being late but when the instructor did show up he told me we could not have the class if we were not at least three students. Well, long story short we ended up being three in the end.

What really disturbed me however was the fact that the instructor wore street clothes with his spinning shoes. He really didn`t appear much like someone who rode any kind of bike frequently – he didn`t have any muscles showing. He wore capris and a cotton shirt. The music in the class was so loud, I thought he was trying to make us deaf. It was impossible to hear what he screamed at us. And then, on top of that, the music was of horrible quality. It was really scratchy. So, there you have my pet peeves.

In the end, I did break a massive sweat and rode that spinning bikes for 75 minutes instead of 60 (because the class started late). I finished the day with my #PlankADay of 1.30. A form-focus one, as you might have guessed.


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