Juneathon Day 14: Two Weeks Later

#plankaday: 2.30
3 miles: Running (~30.00)
I started my run here, today.
Can you believe we are already two weeks into June and two weeks into Juneathon? I finally finished a three miler today and felt decent. The best thing was the view, really. I started off at the foot of the hill, crossing one of the bridges and continued along Pest side. Then I crossed the bridge again and stopped to stretch and relax in the sun because I had some extra time left. My plan was to run to the next bridge and cross it again before taking the tram back to downtown but decided to make it up the hill instead.
For #plankaday I try to alternate long-plank-days with 90-second-form-planks. For the long planks I focus on form less and usually listen to music or turn on a clip on youtube. For the shorter ones I concentrate on having a great form. 90 seconds is the mark I can hold nicely. My goal was to brake two minutes today. My second goal was to go above 2.20 (my former record) and my last goal was to go to 2.30. So it happened. My abs were so so so sore. I collapsed on the floor and stretched in up-dog afterwards.
And this is where I finished my run.
And now again my update on the second Juneathon week:
#plankaday: 12.40
~12 miles: Running (~1.40.00)
100 push ups: 66

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