Asics GT-2170 2A W – Review

A few weeks ago I finally picked up a new pair of everyday running shoes. The Asics GT-2170 2A (narrow) W (for women). I thought I`d share my general thoughts on these shoes:

First impression

Having first had a pair of flashy pink and blue Nike shoes these are a lot more “stereotype” when it comes to the design. They are the typical mesh fabric in mostly white with (in my case) accents of color in shades of mainly yellow and blue. The official color names are white, tahiti and neon yellow. They come in different, darker colors, too.

The shoe is relatively heavy, compared to some of the ultralight types you can get in stores. The sole is also a normal thickness. This was important for me because I didn`t want to fall into the habit of heel striking because the soles of my shoes were too thick.

When first putting on these shoes I was positively surprised by how nice and “tight” the shoe feels around my rather slim/narrow feet. I know of course that running shoes should be bought in at least half a size to a size larger than normal shoes, but these were just perfect.

On the run

Since I am an over-pronator I was specifically looking for shoes that were designed for people like me. The shoe has a guidance line throughout the forefoot area that is basically a harder plastic part that helps the foot roll into the right direction. I could feel this line slightly on my first few runs but it really is nothing that you are aware of during your runs. Since by strengthening my leg and core area I have worked against my pronation. Still, I feel like these shoes help.

The other positive news are that I have not had a single blister in these shoes so far and never had any problems with the fabric pressing on my feet uncomfortably.

Since I don`t currently own any trail shoes but do go for a good amount of trail runs, I would say that these do just well. Of course they are not perfect but they do their job. I wouldn`t say they are too cushioned but you also won`t feel every single stone underneath your feet.

Overall they feel very stable though and they tie tight. At the same time they do not “loose” their shape throughout a run. Once you tied them in a good way, they sit perfectly.


  • Narrow style of this particular shoe (maybe also that it comes in different widths), not looking overly bulky
  • Helps overpronation
  • Comfortable
  • Stable
  • Consistent fit
  • Comes in a whole range of lighter and darker colors


  • In Hungary these were one of the more pricey pairs of shoes
  • Compared to darker models these get a lot dirtier, but that is really to be expected!
  • Relatively heavy in comparison to some of the shoes you can get nowadays
  • Not the most fashionable pair of shoes

6 thoughts on “Asics GT-2170 2A W – Review

  1. I used to run in the Asics 2160s – I tried on one shoe and one of my beloved Kinvaras the other day, they are so much heavier than what I run in now. Weird how our preferences change, isn’t it? 🙂

    • I used to think my Nikes were perfect, little did I know they were way too short and I had no idea what they were supposed to be good/bad for.
      I’m happy for now, maybe looking into trail shoes or even minimalist ones because I still really want to give them a try.

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