Juneathon Day 12: On Closed Gyms and Postponed Runs

#plankaday: 1.30


As soon as my summer holidays begin I become a huge procrastinator for a little while. Today my plan was to go running, and I would have, really if I hadn`t figured out that without missing workout this week I could take another rest day, but this was only after I found out that my gym closed..

I live in an area where there is not much “to do” around. There has however been one great thing: a gym is no further than 200 meters from our house. Well, it used to be. It was a tiny one and I hadn`t been there since last year but when it was raining so heavily today I decided to walk over and run on the treadmill, instead. The gym had closed. Just like the little shop underneath they could not afford it anymore, I guess. It happens quite a lot around here, currently.

Long story short, my rest day ended up being another #plankaday only day. I took it “easy” (compared to yesterday`s whopping 2.20) and kept on my forearms for one and a half minutes.

There is something I learned throughout this whole Juneathon challenge, I love, love, love sports and I want to continue doing maybe even just a tiny thing every single day. It makes me feel so good. Even better if I brake a sweat but if I don`t have the time for that I`ll be happy to keep planking at least once a day. It really is that motivational and you feel like you are achieving a tiny little something each day.

Instead of the run I enjoyed a chocolate shake in one of the most touristy places of this town. What did you do?


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