Juneathon Day 11: Recovering

#plankaday: 2.20

100 push up challenge: 6, 6, 4, 4, 10


I used to day as a recovery day after yesterday`s race. It was also thankfully my last day of exams so now I am done with those and the Semester is over for me. 

I challenged myself to do an extra long plank and brake my previous record of 2.05 which I did gloriously with a 2.20 plank. I tell you it was really hard and my abs were sore for minutes afterwards, but it made me so happy to get to such a great time. I never thought I could ever hold a plank for more than 90 seconds tops, and now I`m dreaming of a three minute one. 

Something else I have been thinking about has been the 100 Push Ups Challenge which I found out about a while back. I was always the girl who couldn`t do a single push up  in PE. They always looked more like a plank than anything else. In the future I also want to challenge myself to do a pull up or two, but that is a whole other story. 

I skipped the initial test because I had been doing a few push ups a while back and those were decent and I knew I would fall in category two ranging anywhere from five to 10 push ups. I considered starting in category one even. My push ups are not those hardcore nose to the ground ones, but seeing that I did two sets of six, two sets of four and one set of 10 push ups while keeping a decent form makes me really proud (How often have the words “push” and “up” appeared in that paragraph?!). I guess with time and more strength my form will also improve, hopefully. Anyways I`m doing this for fun so I don`t know if I will ever get to the 100 but it is worth a try and anything above maybe 10 is already pretty awesome for me, really. 

Anyone else want to join me in the challenge? Or anyone else who will admit to only being able to do a good handful of push ups at once? And while I am at it, I hope everyone`s Juneathon is going great so far! 


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 11: Recovering

  1. Ooh, congratulations on the amazing #plankaday time! The 100 push up challenge sounds very interesting, do you do push ups on your toes or on your knees? I can manage on my toes (man-ups, I call them!) but I can’t get my nose as close to the floor as I can with the girlie version.

    • Same for me I try to do them on my toes, it always felt more real to me for some reason. Some day I will have the strength to bend all the way down. I want to, at least 😉 But for now I’ll go as far as I can, bending my elbows reasonably.

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