Juneathon Day 8: Mental Strength

#plankaday: 2.05

3 miles: Running (29.57)


Remember when I said yesterday, my plan for the week was to break the two minutes for forearm planks this week? Well, it happened today, I improved from 1.45 to 2.05.

Another story, yesterday I mentioned having a tight feeling in my right shoulder. I put some chili cream on it, which heats up and loosens you up. I used this before once or twice and never had much of a problem besides the fact that it was still heating up two days later. Anyways, yesterday it did not work like that. In the middle of the night I woke up with horrible pain as if someone was rubbing of my skin or setting it on fire. It took me ice gel (a cream I sometimes use after working out), chamomile tea soaked towels and finally a bag of ice cubes to relieve the pain. I definitely had some kind of allergic reaction.

Has anyone of you ever had anything like this?

And now for my run. I felt really good running today even though it was in the high 20s. I ran in the forest because of the shade which was a good idea, my legs felt really good, too. Half way in I started doubting my abilities though. I had to stop myself from the negative thoughts and keep focused. My pace dropped but I`m glad I didn`t stop throughout the run. Do you have any tricks for keeping focused and positive? How do you train your mental strength?


Let me add a little shoutout to Dash once again who is racing in a relay team tomorrow. All the best to you!!


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