Juneathon Day 7: Little More Than a Recap

#plankaday: 1.45


I woke up this morning with a stiff shoulder. Also, I had a busy day with preparing for the next upcoming exams, one of which was today and the next one tomorrow. I had originally planned on going for a late afternoon run, but when it was still just below 30 degrees celsius I decided to switch today`s three miles with tomorrows “Rest” day. At least I finished another #plankaday and improved my time once again. My best time thus far: 1.45. With this, today was even less active than the Elliptical-Day but today I`m fine with it. My goal for this week is to hopefully up my plank time to reach the 2.00 mark.

And now I`ll leave you with a fitting song and my roundup:


Week 1

30 minutes: Swimming

30 minutes: Stretching

30 minutes: Cardio (Abs & Legs)

#plankaday: 8.16

9 miles: Running 1.29.53

10 minutes: Elliptical


By the way, for my German readers I blogged over at Gebserv today, a blog with many ideas for presents!


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