Juneathon Day 6: National Running Day

#plankaday: 1.36

3 miles: Running (~33.00)



It`s National Running Day today, so that`s what I am dedicating my run to, today. My plan was to do three miles and that`s exactly what I did. I ran on the roads around my neighborhood today, a triple loop around three streets. Since I live on the hilly side of this city (Pest, the other side is completely flat, whereas Buda is quite hilly) my run took me up one level of streets first, then slowly down with a relatively steep hill towards the end and then finally all the way back up to the beginning.

I stashed my Blood Orange Powerade drink in front of our house so that I could take a zip whenever I came by. The concept worked out fine until I had to stop and stretch because suddenly my calves felt a lot tighter towards the second half of the second loop. I stretched and felt better, so I decided to continue the run. At home I spent a good 15 minutes icing my calves and now I have them elevated on the couch.

Enjoying the sun with a towel full of ice cubes on my calves.

I started a few days ago to keep three trays of ice in my freezer so that I have some at all times. I wish we had a fancier fridge that would make ice cubes whenever I need them, but it`s working fine now so I won`t complain.


6 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 6: National Running Day

    • Thank you, so far I am loving the Asics, they are actually the first pair of running shoes I bought when I had an idea of what I was doing. Before that I had a pair of Nike`s that “looked nice” and I remember trying them on and saying: “hmm, they seem a bit tight, but they will stretch out, better than too big”. I don`t understand why the sales lady didn`t say anything. But really, I love my Asics!
      I haven`t tried flannels, but I might since it sounds good! Thanks for the tip!

  1. Your city is so beautiful I’m sure your run was fantastic. I didn’t run today but I did go to the gym and an exercise class but I’m loving all the Running Day posts I’ve seen on blogs and on twitter today!

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