Juneathon Day 5: Running and Moscow in Budapest

#plankaday: 1.20

3 miles: Running (28.11)


Today was a lot (!!) better than yesterday`s workout. I went to Margit Island, which is in the Danube. There they have a track going around the island once that is 5.35km long.

Can you spot the track? This is the view coming from the bridge.

We had crazy wind, but my plan was to do three miles in roughly 30 minutes. I was expecting to be somewhere around 31 or 32 but made it in a whopping 28.11!! At one point the wind came from the side really strongly and I could not breathe through my left nostril because the wind pressed it shut. Shortly after, it turned and came from straight ahead. It literally felt as if I was not moving a single meter. Of course, right when I turned around (an out and back route), the wind came from the side again. Also, for the first time, I did not mind the Powerade drink I bought. I tried the blue type and it tasted more like melting ice cream than liquid candy today. That`s great news for me.

Not spectacular, but this is the beginning of the track, where most runners set off.

After the run I drove to my Spanish class when I noticed the whole block of houses being locked down by Police cars and many trucks parked outside. The reason was that Bruce Willis is filming the most recent part of Die Hard and the streets of Budapest are resembling Moscow. Traffic is crazy but I was much more amazed by all the equipment. One truck read “Camera 2”, for example, and it was stuffed! I didn`t not see Mr Willis, though.

Part of the set. That`s just a fire fighter care there, they used some to wet the streets.


2 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 5: Running and Moscow in Budapest

    • Yes, it really is. It`s the main island in Budapest and it is restricted to traffic. There is a big park in the middle, or various parks even, a wellness hotel, a pool, another one for “professionals”, a running track for members only and this track that goes all the way along the outside of the island. It`s one of the maybe 3 main running spots in this city and I like it mostly because the air is nice and clean as opposed to the city center which is quite polluted. They even have some smaller races here. It`s really a very nice green zone in the heart of the city.
      Actually, it is called Margaret island, but since the Hungarian word is Margit sziget, everyone just calls it like this.

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