Liebster Award

A few week backs (I know, I know, I`m sorry, I wanted to find proper candidates, see below), the fabulous Diary of a Dashinista nominated me for the Liebster Award.

Diary of a Dashinista started her blog when she began training for her first Marathon – the Brighton Marathon 2012 – which she ran for charity. Since then she has been sharing everything running and workout related from tips over experiences to playlists and minimalist running shoes.

The rules of the Liebster Award are to nominate five blogs with 200 or less followers in order to share the awareness. Of course you should inform the nominees of this award. At this point I must be honest, I don`t know about the numbers of readers my nominated blogs get, but I do think they all truly deserve this award! So (drumroll please!) here they are:

  1. Marathon Mummy in Training: she doesn`t even run her own family but she went from not running at all to now working on a bigger distance, the magical 13.1, also known as a Half Marathon. Her posts are full of honesty, love and insight into her life and inspire me to think about running and life.
  2. Meg Henrich: Meg Henrich is not about running but bouldering. Yes, that`s right, she climbs up and around stone walls with only a mat as a safety. The pretty Meg lives close to the Niagara Glen and shares her experiences with this sport along with some impressive pictures. It`s not a sport I know much about but I still enjoy reading every new post on Meg`s blog.
  3. From Snickers to Marathon: Becca who “runs” From Snickers to Marathon is a very inspirational blogger. She discovered running a year ago and since has made it all the way to running her first Marathon. London. Along the way she even dropped some dress sizes. Becca puts together lovely posts with a lot of extra information for runners (and I think even those who don`t run) of any level.
  4. Dashing Divas: Midula, Sami and Sian are the Dashing Divas that live a healthy life, not the skinny one. They are versatile and blog about running, yoga and climbing. These three Divas offer such a great variety that everyone can find posts they can relate to. The best thing is, you can join the Divas, if you wish, they offer different options for get togethers.
  5. Adventures for a Life you Love: This is a truly inspirational blog. Complete with an amazing project, the project “Gratitude” and a bucket list that ranges from running a Half Marathon to dancing in the rain or a standing ovation. Jacki is exactly, what she describes herself as: an adventure seeker, goalspirational speaker and life tweeker.

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