Juneathon Day 4: First Time on an Elliptical (Fail)

#plankaday: 1.41

10 minutes: Elliptical


Today was my first exam of the day, besides the fact that it did go well, the day was not awesome at all. I got up way too early, worried I was not well enough prepared (stupid me). I stopped stressing only when I was up and ready and had a couple hours before the exam.

Because I was even more stressed about the fact that I have three more exams coming up this week, I kept studying (procrastinating) for the rest of the time.

Anyways, about the workouts! My planking time was 1.41, a 5 second improvement. Just now, I tried an elliptical workout.

My mother has one of these hell-machines. I only ever tried it once and avoided all of the ellipticals at the gym. The workout I chose was a 15 minute incline and then 15 minute decline ranging from level 1 to 6. But then something happened…

…before I started, I accidentally raised the incline level by 3 and noticed this around nine minutes later as my heart rate was up high and my glutes were burning. Then I stopped, after 10 minutes.

I know it was a short workout, and I would not even talk about it, if it was not for Juneathon and because I know, that it is the only thing I will do today. Tomorrow I`m running again.

You know what`s great? After a crappy workout (that I am still proud of because 10 minutes or technically 11.41 is more than 0) there can always only be a good one.


Because I want to end my post on a good note and not only a rant, here is something I have been indulging in, today:

Homemade “frozen yogurt” – a disposable spoon frozen in strawberry yogurt.

IKEA`s “Anna`s” cookies in Orange & Chocolate. I had to.

Pictures via my Instagram @With_Anna


4 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 4: First Time on an Elliptical (Fail)

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