Juneathon Day 3: Running Again

#plankaday: 1.36

3 miles: Running (28.42)


I woke up with sore abs and a sore lower back but wanted to start off the day actively by doing my #plankaday. I improved by a whopping 18 seconds and was so proud!

This is the beginning to the trail. Not interesting, but why not share anyways?

After a peanut butter breakfast I decided to finally go for a run again, after days of resting and stretching and cross training. I started off with around 10 to 15 minutes of warming up actively and then chose to run on an only very slightly hilly trail. This was good for my calves because I didn`t have to go downhill constantly and also the ground was not as hard. Good choice.

The route is an out and back with some places where you can overlook part of the city.

I stopped after only a few hundred meters because I felt that my left leg was still not feeling stretched out but then continued cruising along this outer round of the hill. Usually my route here is a little longer and sometimes I go up and down the hill, too, but today was just perfect. I started off extra slow and managed to successfully negative-split, at least according to the timer on my iPhone and my knowledge of the trail. Time to get myself a Garmin.

I averaged a 9:34 pace which I am sooo proud of!

After the run I stretched majorly, again and then proceeded right back to icing at home – just to be on the safe side.


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