Juneathon Day 2: #plankaday and Nike Training Club

#plankaday: 1.18

30 minutes: Stretching

30 minutes: Cardio (Abs and Legs)


First a bit of randomness: I bought two bottles of Powerade to try them for my long-run hydration, since I had trouble with them during last year`s Half Marathon. Also, I picked up printed band-aids on an IKEA trip. Yes. They are cute. Don`t you agree?

The Workout

I started of the day with the #plankaday challenge, as inspired by Dash (once again – thank you!). My time: 1:18.

In the afternoon, I used the free Nike Training Club app on my iPhone.

Yay for 360 minutes and now even 405 minutes of usage!

  1. 15 minutes of “Shawn Johnson – Stretch Guide” as a warm up. I`m in the process of creating my own routine, which should be more effective than this one.
  2. 15 minutes of “Jeanette Jenkins Ab Blast” which I found really hard. I found this physically challenging and it requires some balance at the same time, which I have trouble with. It also reminds me that I need to invest in a proper yoga mat that is not as thin as my current one.
  3. 15 minutes of leg works using the “Leaner Legs” routine. This specific workout consists of many squats, some deadlifts and a lot of jumps. The same five minute long routine is repeated three times. You don`t need equipment, though I think it is advisory for the deadlifts, at least.
  4. Finally, I finished off with another 15 minute stretching session but used the Stretch Guide only as a “guide” really and added some more stretches for the lower back and legs as well as calves.

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