Juneathon Day 1: High School Graduation and Two Pools

Today, a year ago, I graduated from High School. It`s really incredible how time flies. Today, I also attended the class of 2012`s High School Graduation – in Hungarian: Ballagás. The Ballagás is a tradition at which students walk through all the class rooms of their school that have been decorated with flowers by the classe and think back at all their years here while singing traditional songs such as “Ballag már a vén diák“, “Gaudeamus Igitur“, “Nehmt Abschied, Brüder” (Auld Lang Syne) and a song of their choice: “Walking on Sunshine“. At the same time they receive flowers as presents from their families and friends. Everything ends – as every graduation – with a few short speeches. In the following weeks they will still have some oral exams, however, so not everything is over just yet.

But now to my workout of the day. I decided to go swimming because I am trying to relax my calves a little before hitting the roads again on Sunday or next week. I drove to my usual pool in the area, a very modern and clean one (especially compared to Hungarian standards!) that is also cheap for students and those living in the area. When I arrived there were at least 100 cars parked outside so I was afraid there might be some kind of event, but since there is a Basketball court, too, I tried anyways. Turns out the elementary school from across the street has been having competitions this Friday afternoon.

My next try was an outside pool I haven`t been to before. After driving around without a sense of orientation for a while, I finally figured out where it was. The building that also holds a gym was huge and the pool looked very nice from the outside. Inside however it was smelly, the floor was wet (okay, it`s a pool) and covered in hair (not so nice..). Anyways, I proceeded to swim a few lanes, hoping it would not start to rain heavily, but the sun actually came out.

I stayed in the water for around half an hour swimming a few lanes of breaststroke, some backstroke and then I tried some freestyle. I never really properly learned freestyle, so I first did some kicking at the wall, then some bubble blowing and then some strokes. I tried a few times but was not very successful. I feel like I am not moving at all and the kicking does not feel natural, neither does the rest, to be honest. I need to have someone look at my swimming and give me some advice.

Now I am ending the school week wearing my pink Tempo shorts by Nike and a Union jack print “Be Happy” t-shirt that I picked up a while ago. If you are a runner you must agree: all the spandex and loose fitting shorts are really comfortable! And, by the way, Juneathon day 1 left me with some awesome tan lines from my bathing suit on my back.


5 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 1: High School Graduation and Two Pools

    • It really is, there are a lot of festivities like this. Right now students have to go to their teachers houses and sing in front of the door until the teacher lets them in and offers them some food and drinks.

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