This Was Juneathon! (Day 30)

#PlankADay: 3.32 (PB!)



  • Is a rest day, because tomorrow I want to run long and my glutes are so sore from yesterday!
  • I broke my record planking time with a new personal best of 3.32!

Awesome Things

  • I toned my abs, glutes, arms and shoulders!
  • I was injured, iced and started feeling better!
  • I worked out with friends!
  • I planked 24 times in 24 hours (and since haven`t planked for very long anymore)
  • I planked for over 3 minutes.
  • I completed 100 Push Ups in five sets on my way to 100 consecutive push ups
  • I loved sports, myself and I made awesome friends!

What Now?

  • I want to keep working out daily, even if that means all I get in will be a plank.
  • I loved posting about my daily workouts, but sometimes there is just not a lot to tell so I`m leaning towards regular more interesting posts and more of a mixture in general
  • I will not commit to a challenge for next month that has me working out every day because there are things that have higher priority (travels, friends, friends…)
  • There is still a lot I want to do!

New Goals for July! 

  • Learn how to do a handstand (such a tiny thing but I can not do it)
  • Learn how to swim freestyle
  • Run a Half Marathon (since I can`t find a race that fits into my schedule, I will have to do this on my own)
  • Plank more than three minutes again
  • Perform 100 consecutive push ups

The Final Roundup for June

  • Swimming: 2.10.00
  • Stretching & Strengthening: 2.25.00
  • Spinning: 4.15.00
  • #PlankADay:  1.15.52
  • Running: 43 miles
  • 100 Push Up Challenge: 501
  • Elliptical: 10 Minutes


10.15.52 of Workouts (minus Running/Push Ups),

501 Push Ups,

43 Miles of Running!


Juneathon Day 29: One More

#PlankADay: 1.00

Strength: 20.00

Spinracing: 1.00.00


Today was my last “hard” workout for Juneathon since tomorrow is a rest day. I went to my favorite Spinracing class with my mom and was surprised at her strength. I was really proud of her!

I also worked on my Strength, mainly legs but also arms, shoulders and lower back. Of course there was a plank but really, it was not a long one. I`m excited about the fact that this Juneathon is coming to an end, I am sol excited about what I plan next, more about that tomorrow!

Juneathon Day 27 & 28: 100 Push Ups


#Plankaday: 1.00

4 Miles: Running (Slow)



100 Push Up Challenge: 20, 25, 15, 15, 25 = 100!

2 Miles: Running (Tempo)

#PlankADay: 1.00


I hit the 100 Push Ups for the first time, but the goal of the challenge is to do 100 consecutive ones. I had them in five sets with a 90 second break in between each. I feel like stage three out of two might be a little too much. Maybe I will have to downgrade. Possibly I might just re-do the week, if I feel like it. Nothing is pressuring me and that is great.

Yesterday I went on a run with my good friend. It was warm but bearable. We chatted away for four miles. I was going to run three today, but felt great with two tempo miles instead since I covered this weeks plan (minus the long run) so far.

I`m starting to think about what is going to happen in July and let me tell you, there will be change coming up in the next weeks or so. Big thing are happening, be sure to stay tuned!

Enjoy the last Juneathon Days, give it your all!

4. of July Inspired Running Gear

4th of July is coming up soon! Since I spent most of my life living on the American east coast, I thought I`d put together a little set of running clothes inspired by the colors of the star spangled banner. Tell me: how are you going to celebrate 4. of July this year?

  1. Blue tank racer vest via Sweaty Betty
  2. Blue, white and red sports bra via Sweaty Betty
  3. Red, white and blue running shorts via Sweaty Betty
  4. Blue and pink women`s adizero tempo 5 running shoes via Road Runner Sports

Juneathon Day 26: Resting, Stretching, Strengthening

100 Push Up Challenge: 14, 18, 14, 14, 20 = 80

#PlankADay: 1.30

30 Minutes: Stretching & Strengthening


Because Sunday and Monday were quite intense days I took today off. I tried to sleep in, but as I am a morning person I was up and awake shortly after 8 o`clock.

After breakfast I foam rolled and then took out my baby doggy (and my new white chucks) out for a walk. My afternoon I spent with a short plank, more stretching and strengthening of manly the calf area that is feeling better and better every day. I have not worn any flip flops or sandals in the last week and I am absolutely certain it has made a positive impact on my injury!

Then I made plans to go running with my friend tomorrow morning, again. This makes me a lot more excited about the 4 miles I wanted to cover, even though I have to get up extra early. But I have all afternoon to do nothing again. I also got some good news in, today: I passed all of my courses for the second semester.

Since I didn`t do the push up challenge yesterday, I had to get it done today. I had no idea yesterday`s Spinracing was so hard on the arms and shoulders until I got into the push up position. The first set of 14 felt hard. On a scale from 0 to 10 it was probably 7. The next 18 were no better, especially not considering I was only granted around 60 seconds of rest (I try to stick to the programs suggestions). Then came to more sets of 14, which were really hard but okay. For the final “at least 20” I wanted to quit and collapse after around 10. Reaching the 14 was hard, 18 almost unbearable and after pushing myself up with all my force, completing push up number 20 I basically collapsed on the floor.

But! There is a new record of 80 planks. Let me warn anyone who is doing this challenge too: jumping from column two to column three has you perform at least 20 extra push ups per workout! That is a lot!

Now I am heading off for an early night of sleep. I still need to catch up on some! Hope everyone had a great day!

Juneathon Day 25: Surprising Myself

4.2 miles: Running (~40.00)

60 minutes: Spinracing (incl. Abs/Arms workout)

#PlankADay: 1.00


I still love my, planks, I really do but for a few days now I have not been determined enough to challenge myself to do a really long one. Today, however, this has not been the reason. I just had a really intense ab-workout incorporated into my Spinracing class and could not bare to hold the plank any second longer.

For the first time in a long time I went running with a friend. I had never been able to talk to anyone during running because I could not control my breathing very well. Today, however, we chatted for 40.00 minutes, I broke my time record on the trail and we both had a blast! Tomorrow definitely has to be a rest day. I did really surprise myself by how strong I am, how high my fitness level is now, compared to approximately one year ago. But that`s a whole story that I am planning to cover soon!

There was nothing spectacular about the Spinning class. My lesson learned today: a lot of working out makes me very tired. And with that note, I am going to my cozy little bed and will rest. Good night!

Juneathon Day 24: On Feeling Awesome

6.19 Miles: Running (~1.13)

30 Push Ups

#PlankADay: 2.00


Painless run

Today I had my first painless run in a long while. I also had my first run above 4 miles in a few weeks. Finally, I had my first run in forever feeling absolutely awesome!

I ran on the trails. First I did a one mile out and back, followed up by roughly a two mile out and back though I am still thinking it was actually longer, but 6 miles is amazing, so I am perfectly happy with that. I kept it “nice and slow” but was also really happy with my average pace. I took a gel two miles into the run, as I returned to the car and felt like it gave me that extra boost of energy. I can`t really stand the taste but this stuff is working great.

I also absolutely fell in love with the singlet I bought yesterday. It`s not only really bright but you don`t feel sweaty at all and I do tend to sweat quite a bit (TMI!). As I got into my car to go back home, my favorite song started playing on the radio.

Weird fact but true: I am feeling a little soreness in my leg and am really happy about it. I haven`t felt sore forever, always rather injured. It makes me feel alive.

And another unusual thing: there was a girl running past me in Flip Flops on the trail! Can that possibly be any good?

Push up record

Since I finished the first two weeks of the 100 Push Up Challenge, I had to do a test today to determine my current level. I wanted badly to stop at 25, which would have put me into stage two out of the three options once again. As I was just about to kneel down, I thought: “no, Anna, you will continue this. Just a few more. You can reach the third category!” So I broke the 25 mark I set yesterday and made it to the 30!

Maybe with a lot of willpower I could have done 31 but to be honest, I could do a fifth of this two weeks ago, I am more than happy about the result.


2.00! My first two minute plank since the “day of hardcore planks“. I`m fine with that.

I hope your day was just as awesome as mine? Feel free to share!

Juneathon Day 23: One Week Ahead

#PlankADay: 1.30

100 Push Up Challenge: 12, 13, 10, 10, 22 = 67

Stretch & Strength for legs & core


Everyone who is participating in Juneathon, can you believe there is only one more week left? I have had such a good time I definitely want to continue working out more, become more regular and increase the amount of things I do, if I can.

What did I do today? Most of the day was actually not workout focused. I am enjoying the summer heat and the fact that we did not have 36 degrees celsius but only around 30 instead. I also picked up a few things for my trip to France (because you need an excuse, right?)

First I stopped by the Body Shop Company that finally opened a real store here in Budapest. I went a little crazy on shower gels and got a pile of testers. Then I picked up some white chucks because my old ones I through out ages ago, they were so dirty. I also got three easy reads for in between.
Finally, I went looking for a running singlet/tank because I don`t want to wear warm t-shirts but also don`t always want to run in a sports bra only, at some places I just don`t think it is that appropriate.

At home I did a bit of stretching and strengthening – lounges, my plank and finally the push up challenge. I know I did not take a rest day but I felt positive that I could do the workout today already and I still have to do the “two week test” tomorrow, more of that will follow in that post.

I improved my number of push ups again but today was a little harder than yesterday. The last set, where you basically do as many as possible got really hard, but that`s what it is all about. I ended the day with a dessert and a lemonade at a cafe.


Lastly a shout-out to Hélène who is racing a 10K tomorrow. Run fast, race hard, finish strong! I hope you have an amazing run! You will have a great race, believe in yourself and the training you went through! Have a great experience! And remember, hills come to an end, they won`t go on forever. Take it easy!

Juneathon Day 22: Garden Reception

#PlankADay: 1.50

1.6 miles: Running

100 Push Up Challenge: 10, 12, 9, 9, 20: 60


Today I had a relaxing day. My shoulders are finally recovering from the 24 planks I did two days ago. I wanted to go for a run but I felt that I`m still not quite ready to run on the hard pavement around the house so instead I focused on my push up challenge.

I beat my latest record by nine planks. It was 60 planks with a 90 second rest between each set. I took another few moments of a brake and then went on to do my plank – one minute 50 seconds.

This evening I attended a garden reception and dressed up in a maxi dress. Then I watched the soccer game: Germany vs. Greece.
 Black and white simple cotton maxi dress by Oysho, ballet flats.

Juneathon Day 21: Lazy Day

#PlankADay: 1.30

20 Minutes: Swimming


“Today I don`t feel like doing anything…” – that`s what my yesterday was. Yesterday, because I could not even get myself to blog after I returned home at 11.30pm from babysitting.

What did I do? I went for a pseudo swimming exercise to the pool: 20 minutes of swimming, 20 minutes of hanging-around-watching-other-swimmers-and-enjoying-the-sun. That was really all there was. I went to a massage appointment and now my shoulder hurts which was not awesome for my #PlankADay. Planking feels so hard after the anniversary planks, right now even thinking about a two minute plank seems far, far, far away. Maybe later .. or tomorrow.