Zara Glitter Flats

Before the beginning of my two final exam weeks I treated myself to a little goody for my upcoming France trip.

I got these tan/beige ballet flats at Zara. They have a slightly pointed toe and are covered in rose-gold crystals. Even though I tend to have problems finding comfortable pointy flats, these seem to be doing very well, so far. They are not leather – actually, the homepage said they are not leather, the tag said, they are partly leather. Anyways, I thought I would give them a chance (or maybe I just fell for the sparkles). There is also a black version of these which, in my opinion, would be perfect for a night out, when you want to skip the heels.

Excuse the plaster, I had a slight case of runner`s feet going on after last weeks braking in my new shoes.

I hope you started off your week very well? I finished my first exam of six and could not be happier. Now I am back to my books.


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