Running Recap

A week of a new injury, totally running unrelated, a new sport and a new training plan. Let`s see what the next one will bring!

Hung up my new training plan.


90 minutes of Yoga. I didn`t really enjoy this class very much and it left me with a strained ab-muscle that I am now suffering from. Not so great at all.


3 mile easy run. This was a lot harder than I thought considering I was completely sore from Monday`s Yoga class. I did this on the track on the island.


4.5 miles, supposed to be “tempo”. Another track run, which was not good at all (around two miles) and than a hilly run on the streets around the college for approximately another two miles. I wanted to go for five miles but cut it short, wisely.


1 mile recovery. This should have been my second three mile easy run but my abs still hurt and I quickly changed my mind to do a one mile out and back recovery jog on the trails up at a hill.


My first official rest day of the week. Much needed.


What should have been a long run day became another rest day. Very good decision as I learned today.


5 miles long run. After a proper warming up session I went out for my six miler. When my abs started to worry me again after five miles I had to cut it short again. Any tips on what I can do? I felt great besides the abs, but it feels like I am having constant side stitches. I did enjoy a new song on my playlist today, though!

Post-run study and chocolate ice cream session.

I finished off the week with 90 minutes of Yoga for cross training and roughly 14 miles of running.

Pictures via my Instagram @with_anna


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