Yesterday I attended my first yoga class. But I am not sold. The class was a beginners one but I have never been the strong, well-balanced and flexible type, so I knew it was going to be a challenge. Let`s just say that after around 40 (out of 90) minutes I started checking the clock that was hung up on the wall.

I know it can not go perfect at the very beginning, and I should probably just go and try it again, but the result of the class was not a good stretch but rather a lot of soreness and some very tight shoulder muscles.

The teacher did not speak english, but that is understandable. It was, however also a reason for why I did not like the class. During meditation and when she explained what to do, I just didn`t understand. Since we didn`t face the instructor with the mats I had to keep turning in some poses to see what she was explaining. Now I really don`t have a lot of balance, but I had a really hard time staying “straight” and centered over my “pool” (?).

Anyways, the class ended and I did feel relaxed, but I also felt like I could use a major stretching session to relieve the tightness in my back, shoulders, arms and feet.

Will I try it again? Probably, but next time with another teacher. It just didn`t work with her.


6 thoughts on “Yoga?

  1. So much of yoga is the teacher, I really hope your next experience is much better!

    I get very impatient with what I’d call “fluffy” yoga, classes where ALL the emphasis is on the spiritual element and the physical/anatomical element is neglected. I like to know that my teacher has rock solid anatomical knowledge, so I never revisited a class when I was asked to “stretch your leg bone” !

    • Hahaha, all right, that cheered me up a lot! Bone-stretching. All right, so that`s what yoga is all about. I get it.
      I think I will go again as soon as I am free of this soreness, but I will go find an english-language beginners class and then hope it is a lot better. Thank you for the input!

  2. I think yoga is something where you have to try out different classes/different types. I think it really is brilliant i you are a runner, but i would recommend Bikram yoga for 2 reasons: 1) the heat is great for stretching and elongating the muscles 2) it’s the same postures all the time so you get to learn them and see improvement. I struggle to follow some yoga classes, but with Bikram you know what posture is coming next.

    • Thank you for the recommendation! I will try and see if there is a Bikram class at one of the studios around. I will look around and then report back. Keeping my fingers crossed for the next time!!
      Thank you! 🙂

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