Runners` Safety

Yesterday I drove back home from my spinning class around 9.45 when a runner appeared in front of me, running on the street instead of the sidewalk wearing black clothes.

Not only drivers need to watch out (and yes, they really do need to! Especially when turning into a street, driving around a corner in a popular living/forrest/running area) but also us runners. I know, because I am both a runner as well as a driver. It is not enough to wear bright clothing – not even whites or brights will be visible enough at night time.

If you have to run early in the morning or late at night be visible!

  • do nut run on the streets, if there is an easily accessible sidewalk.
  • wear reflective clothing such as a reflective shirt or sleeves or a vest
  • wear lights or flashing objects (e.g. you can buy LED clip on lights for your fuel belts if you wear one or headlights)

Another thing, safety but not visibility related: as runners especially us women and especially when you have to run early or late in an area where there a few people:

  • get a road ID
  • carry your cellphone
  • let someone know when and where you are running (e.g. leave the route open on your laptop/print it out including an appropriate time of return)
  • if you have no one around, you can also ask friends to call you if you do not call or message them within a certain time
  • do not listen to music
  • some like to greet everyone they pass or at least look them directly in the eye to be remembered
  • always keep your eyes and ears open, try not to take the quietest routes at nighttime

Do you have any other tips to share? Consciously try to run safe! Be seen and watch out!



2 thoughts on “Runners` Safety

  1. I don’t have side walks (or pavements as we call them) where I live, but I would add to everything you mentioned by suggesting that if runners do have to run on the road, then it’s better to run in the direction on oncoming traffic so that you can see the cars coming and take evasive action if needed.

  2. I had a close call a couple of months ago. I was out early one Sunday morning when a car pulled over onto the side of the road, in a secluded spot. The guy who got out of the car gave me very bad vibes and was looking at me a bit strangely. A few other things happened, but needless to say I turned around and ran back the other way to a local church. I reported this to the Police and it turns out a similar person had been sitting outside local primary schools trying to pick up children. I always carry a fully charged cellphone with me – always.

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