Juneathon – I`m in for the Challenge! What About You?

Diary of a Dashinista finally got me hooked. Tomorrow is the first of June. Now what does that mean? It`s the start of Juneathon! I`m still in the middle of exam season and have a ton of studying to do. Anyways, I can at least give it a try!

The challenge is to run or do some kind of physical exercise every single day in June and blog about it within 24 hours. Join the Juneathon group at the Running Free website and log your exercises. Visit other blogs and leave comments and support. Link to the Juneathon website and display the Juneathon participant logo.

You can join, too! Are you in?


Zara Glitter Flats

Before the beginning of my two final exam weeks I treated myself to a little goody for my upcoming France trip.

I got these tan/beige ballet flats at Zara. They have a slightly pointed toe and are covered in rose-gold crystals. Even though I tend to have problems finding comfortable pointy flats, these seem to be doing very well, so far. They are not leather – actually, the homepage said they are not leather, the tag said, they are partly leather. Anyways, I thought I would give them a chance (or maybe I just fell for the sparkles). There is also a black version of these which, in my opinion, would be perfect for a night out, when you want to skip the heels.

Excuse the plaster, I had a slight case of runner`s feet going on after last weeks braking in my new shoes.

I hope you started off your week very well? I finished my first exam of six and could not be happier. Now I am back to my books.

Running Recap

A week of a new injury, totally running unrelated, a new sport and a new training plan. Let`s see what the next one will bring!

Hung up my new training plan.


90 minutes of Yoga. I didn`t really enjoy this class very much and it left me with a strained ab-muscle that I am now suffering from. Not so great at all.


3 mile easy run. This was a lot harder than I thought considering I was completely sore from Monday`s Yoga class. I did this on the track on the island.


4.5 miles, supposed to be “tempo”. Another track run, which was not good at all (around two miles) and than a hilly run on the streets around the college for approximately another two miles. I wanted to go for five miles but cut it short, wisely.


1 mile recovery. This should have been my second three mile easy run but my abs still hurt and I quickly changed my mind to do a one mile out and back recovery jog on the trails up at a hill.


My first official rest day of the week. Much needed.


What should have been a long run day became another rest day. Very good decision as I learned today.


5 miles long run. After a proper warming up session I went out for my six miler. When my abs started to worry me again after five miles I had to cut it short again. Any tips on what I can do? I felt great besides the abs, but it feels like I am having constant side stitches. I did enjoy a new song on my playlist today, though!

Post-run study and chocolate ice cream session.

I finished off the week with 90 minutes of Yoga for cross training and roughly 14 miles of running.

Pictures via my Instagram @with_anna

Travalo – a Favorite Gadget of Mine

Something that has recently moved in with me for my upcoming travels is the “Travalo“. This is a portable tiny perfume atomizer that you can fill up with your own perfume without spilling anything and without the need of a funnel or any extra tools. They come in two sizes now, one that holds up to 50 sprays and one that goes up to 65. They are also crafted in a way that you can take them on airplanes, because not only do they hold roughly five ml of liquid (the larger one), but they also weigh less than a package of gum at 20 grams.

I love this little thing because I can carry my own perfume, take it in my day-bag, use it for traveling without having to worry to run out but also without carrying my big and expensive bottle of perfume or pack it for the gym. They come in a ton of pretty colors by the way!

Eurovision – Hungary 2012

In preparation for the Eurovision Song Contest, Hungary as the other countries have a number of songs that are eliminated or voted for in the semi-finals. This “second place” song, I actually really like. Or let`s say: it stuck with me. What do you think?

I just think, about the Song Contest in general, I`d love the different nations to sing in their language, at least for the majority of the song!

Learning to Let Go – Heincz Gábor


Yesterday I attended my first yoga class. But I am not sold. The class was a beginners one but I have never been the strong, well-balanced and flexible type, so I knew it was going to be a challenge. Let`s just say that after around 40 (out of 90) minutes I started checking the clock that was hung up on the wall.

I know it can not go perfect at the very beginning, and I should probably just go and try it again, but the result of the class was not a good stretch but rather a lot of soreness and some very tight shoulder muscles.

The teacher did not speak english, but that is understandable. It was, however also a reason for why I did not like the class. During meditation and when she explained what to do, I just didn`t understand. Since we didn`t face the instructor with the mats I had to keep turning in some poses to see what she was explaining. Now I really don`t have a lot of balance, but I had a really hard time staying “straight” and centered over my “pool” (?).

Anyways, the class ended and I did feel relaxed, but I also felt like I could use a major stretching session to relieve the tightness in my back, shoulders, arms and feet.

Will I try it again? Probably, but next time with another teacher. It just didn`t work with her.

Asics GT-2170 2A W

Today is the day that I finally caved and bought myself some new running shoes. I haven`t had the chance to take them out for a run, yet, because I`m super busy with studying and they are waiting for me in my car. I chose these shoes because they are not only really pretty (you know, you are a runner, when you think your sneakers are really pretty!) but also cut relatively narrow and therefore great for my feet and they are for pronators (like me, again). According to Asics these also feature:

  • 3M Reflective
  • Space Trusstic
  • I.G.S.
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • DuoMax
  • AHAR+
  • Solyte
  • Duotech Cold
  • DuraSponge

Since, as I said before they are still sitting and waiting in my car I only have an iPhone picture for now. Aren`t they great?