Eat, Drink and be Happy!

Since I have a long weekend off classes and most of my Midterms are finally over, I am taking the time to try out some new restaurants, meet friends for dinner or a coffee brake or go out with my Mother for lunch. I thought, I`d share some pictures on what I indulged in recently, and what inspired me to challenge my cooking skills.

At Déryné, a cute Bistro in Budapest, all the girls ordered wines or fancy cocktails and lemonades. I liked the tiny decoration.

I had a Ceasars Salad without chicken, because I`m a vegetarian.

The Burger my friend had looked delicious, but it must have been really hard to eat.

The next day, we went to Budapest`s first and new Hard Rock Cafe located right in the city center. We went for a sour and a sweet lemonade. Both were really good, though I preferred the sour one.

I ordered really great grilled veggie sandwiches. These were delicious with salad, tomato, mushrooms, zucchini and I`m probably forgetting something else. It came with a side salad and dressing of my choice, but was huge anyways.

My Mother ordered this great salad. It`s salad leaves, cranberries, apples, strawberries, chopped chicken, oranges, avocado and mango. The dressing was something sweet with balsamic. Definitely easy to make at home and a great alternative to normal veggie salads. My favorite part were the cranberries.

Finally, I ended the day with an iced green tea at Starbucks. Perfect when we have 27 degrees celsius at 7pm.

All pictures via my Instagram @with_anna.


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