The Importance of Visualization and Goals

The top of the rock. Read, how I got there!

After Monday evening`s spinning class, the instructor asked us to slow down and close our eyes. He said: “think about your workout today, think about this day. Have you reached your goals? If you did not, what happened? What can you change next time? How can you improve, what did you like or hate? ..”.

I know visualizing and goal setting are very important, but it was then, that I experienced how great it could be. To be honest, I did not have goals for that day other than getting it over with (which is so bad because you should make something good out of every day).

I know, also, that there are probably a lot of situations where it is okay not to have a plan or a goal. There may for example be a run where you just go out and do it. Don`t think, just go.

What happened? Ever since the spinning class I started thinking what I wanted to achieve. I also started thinking about achieving, reaching my little goals in life. Let me give you an example:

This morning I literally only had minimal time to push in a workout. I knew that my normal, boring round was not going to work. So I headed to a hill, that I haven`t been to in months. To be honest, I have not even done hill work since probably sometime last year or very early this year. I drove to the foot of the hill and decided what I wanted to do. My goal was to get up to the top, though I knew my workout time was limited. I started off, a good playlist by my side and felt really strong. And then I made it to the very top. And what I got was amazing: I had the greatest view over the city! Sadly my iPhone could not capture how beautiful it was, but I`ll share a snapshot with you, anyways.

Looking back, I can say that I achieved something great today, I knew I could do it, and it made me very happy to finish. I asked myself how I could improve, what went well and what did not, and already I have new goals for my next run up the hill.

I advise you, to set goals, to visualize them, and finally to review! And share with me: what did you achieve and learn? It can be anything!

Pictures via my Instagram: @with_anna


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