My Trip to Ukraine

As you might now, I spent my last weekend in Ukraine. Before, this was never really a country I considered for my travels. I visited a lot of places with horribly hard names, but I thought I`d just share some impressions with you in the form of pictures. In the last shot, you can see the traditional easter celebration. At around two in the morning everyone gathered around the churches with a basket full of food (for example the special easter bread) and some red wine. The churches priest goes around and consecrated everyone and all the food. Afterwards, everyone gets to try a little bit of the food and drinks and you say: “Christ has risen”


This building has 365 windows, 52 rooms and 12 entrances.

The view of the countryside.

I don`t remember the reason anymore, but everyone touched this man`s finger.

And the easter picture.


4 thoughts on “My Trip to Ukraine

    • It was a very, very interesting place to see. Usually I will look at the map and see all the touristy places that I want to see, but I never thought about Ukraine before. But there is so much du discover. The city I went to was Uzhhorod. Lviv is supposed to be one of the prettiest cities.

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