Totally Obsessed: 5 Days, 3 Times Spinning & Long Run!

Soo, after my first two spinning classes which were okay and good I was getting more and more obsessed. Within the past five days I have been to three different classes with differing results.

Class Number 1: Spin Racing

I had no idea what I was going for before the beginning of this lesson. I thought it was going to be basically fast spinning in a number of different resistances but it was more of the opposite. We started off with a warm up and from that point on increased, increased and increased the resistance almost only.

We never went too fast, but did have to do some push-up like movements, bending over the handle bar. Out of the 60  minutes of class, maybe 15 were actually spent sitting, maximum. It was very, very hard.

The trainer was a lady, making some not-so-nice comments on how she loved to see everyone suffer. That`s the times when I am very happy not to understand everything in this language.

Class Number 2: Spinning at a new gym

This time I went to a different gym. The room was small and the spinning bikes were very uncomfortable. The handle bar was bent downwards and as hard as metal. The saddle was the most uncomfortable and the wheel seemed to be egg-shaped judging by the sound it made and the awful feeling. The water bottle holders were so far out to the left and right, that you would always hit them with your knee. Yay, blue spots!

The music was great, the trainer mixed the music himself and had some great remixes. But then we had to turn down the volume (in a spinning class!!) because the receptionists found it to loud. He himself was very nice though. Kind of doing a little performance while showing us when to stand and when to sit.

He was great considering he gave heart rate instructions to those with HR-monitors and kept walking around and checking their rates. Nevertheless he kept the rate really, really low and it took me 30 minutes to start sweating and another 15 to feel my legs a little bit. He increased the resistance every few seconds and decreased right away. Then the class was over.

Class Number 3: Spinning at my regular gym

This was another regular spinning class with my favorite trainer. It was awfully hard, which had another run-related reason that I will come back to in a second.

We did a lot of jumps, different standing positions holding on to the top of the handle bar or the lower part, bending forwards, sitting down, going fast and easy or fast and hard. Increase, decrease. It was intense, I sweated hard from the very beginning on, but now I feel absolutely amazing.

Lesson learned: Spinning is not supposed to be easy, equipment, trainers and music make a huge difference. Also the other people whom you are with can influence quality – I tend to feel more competitive with some than with others.

Finally, the long run!

Now, for why my legs felt so tired in yesterday`s spinning class: I went for my longest run thus far: 6.8 miles around the island. It was great, I had to stop to stretch my hip and I am still feeling a bit of pain (I need to go and see a doctor about this) but I was so happy to finish!


Tell me things you achieved in your training lately, or what you learned recently!


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