The Carrie Diaries

Spring break has started for me. Because I literally have nothing to do (besides the obvious amount of studding before a series of Midterms) I thought I`d use the time to go and get a random book for yet another easy read. It`s really becoming a habit lately and I notice myself choosing these books over anything that involves using my brain. But sometimes I just need a brake from the usual business books.

So, long intro, I got The Carrie Diaries by Candace Bushnell yesterday and finished it today (that`s how little I have to do).

I`ve read one Candace Bushnell book so far which was One Fifth Avenue and was not actually a big fan. With this one I wanted to read it because I heard about the Prequel movie starring Annasophia Robb being filmed and wanted to find out about the story.


I was not a big fan (then why did I finish the book in a day?!), it is a book I got hooked on, but the story seemed very simple. Candace Bushnell introduces a whole bunch of different characters and I kept wondering why so many had to have childish names or nick names. One of them is called “The Mouse” for example.

It was nice to get to know the “young Carrie” especially since I am a big fan of the series and liked the movies, too. But every time there was a bit of suspense building up, you knew right away who “that mysterious person” was or “if this or that was true”.

I do really think this is a book aimed at younger girls maybe around 14 years, though for this the constant swearing in some parts might be a little too much.

Did you read the Carrie Diaries or any other Candace Bushnell books? What did you think?

I might read another Bushnell book, but probably will choose one aimed at an older age group.


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